Do not buy Yakumo PC

If you live outside EU/Germany then do not buy a Yakumo PC

The autumn 2002 I bought a Yakumo laptop. It had one mailfunktion: The TFT display stopped funktioning.
I sent the laptop to a shop in Kiel, and it took a few mothts to get it repaired.

Now I live in Norway, and the laptop have had another mishappening. This time the keyboard did not work. As there are noe shops where I can deliver the laptop here in Norway I planned on sending it to Yakumo directly. BUT no one has evere answered my email to Yakumo and the phonenumber to Yakumo support has never worked... So here I am today, with my not working Yakumo laptop, and the warranty ended August 2004. Since I did not dare just sending the laptop to the Yakumo address, unless I had spoken with their represents...

The reason why I write this is to help other peoples that have had, or might become problems with Yakumo in the future.

Below follows some of the correspondance with/to Yakumo.

Date: 2004-02-28 (Email to Yakumo)

This text file gives more information about the keyboard that is not working

In addition to this text file yakumo20040228.txt ( 
there is a PDF-file rechnung.pdf (A scanned paper as proof of purchase) 
All lies here: ("removed")including the email sent. 

Warranty repair on a Laptop. I now live in Norway. My Laptop which I 
bought 1.5 years ago, has a fault, today the keyboard does not work.

Could You be so kind sending me relevant contact information as it would 
be quite difficult for me going through the reseller in Rosenheim where I 
bought the laptop. (I hope the department who receives this email forward 
it to the right service department) An email address to the support 
department would be nice, or you may contact me by email or phone when 
you want.

I have been given a support telephone number that unfortunately did not 
work from Norway. Every time I have called I received a busy signal. 
(0049 241 909 1104), Anyhow, for me it is quite expensive using my mobile 

Here I have some solutions for my problem:

Some ways this might be done: I think/hope it is only the keyboard that's 
not working. I base this on the fact that I can use an external Keyboard 
and then the Laptop work. (I have disconnected the internal Keyboard, 
otherwise my Laptop does not start)

Is it possible for You to send med only a keyboard, provided that I send 
you proof of  evidence that I bought the computer in Rosenheim 
09.08.2002. Vorgangsnummer (8121145904) Serial number for the laptop: 
("removed")(see scanned link to attached "Rechnung/Quittung" 
for proof). (I choose to just send an URI-Link as the scanned image is 

The reason for why I only want You to send me the keyboard, and that I 
return the defective one is that it is a lot cheaper both for me and 
Yakumo to send a smaller packet by post. Additionally It would be easier 
for me, as I for the moment have nothing to wrap the computer in, so it 
can be sent  safely to Germany, I also have no delivery address in 
Germany as to where I can send the defective machine. 

Another way, provided You give me the correct delivery address, and send 
me all your requirements, as to which paper You want such as 
Rechnung/Quittung Reparaturbegleischein, or other paper You require. If 
this way is chosen, then I must ask you to also check the fans in the 
computer. The problem is that they make a high pitch noice, when the 
coputer has been on for a while. I do not think they are defective 
though, only that they are "fabric fault". I think the computer gets too 
warm when used for a while, and then the fans runs faster, and makes a 
houling sound. The only way I can think of this can be fixed, is by 
replacing the fans by more effective one, or somehow install something in 
the laptop that cools it more. Nowadays I don't use the Laptop much, 
because of this noice. I wanted to bring it with me at school/ classes 
but because of the noice I can't use it during the classes. 

Several of my fellow students use their P4-Mobile (Centrino), machines, 
And I could maybe want to change my computer with such a machine, If that 
is possible by You,

The thing is, I have allready paid about 900 Eur for this one, and it 
would be a terribly waste of money to buy a new one, unless you are 
willing to give me a good offer, Maybe Exchange this one for a new, and I 
pay an additional Price or something?.

But as I said over, If I only receive the Keyboard, and it works then I 
don't have to return my laptop, and I then have a fully functional 
computer, although it is too loud. If however I reeeceive a keyboard, and 
I replace the defective one and it does still not work, then I can't see 
any other solution than to send You the defective machine, and You would 
have to test it and find whats wrong. 

At the end I will inform You this is not the first misfunction with the 
computer, 16.09.2002 the laptop was sent for repair because a defective 
screen, (only an external worked), I think the solution that time was 
replacing the screen. The whole process took about two months, some 
because of me, (I did not send the machine to the right person, as I went 
to the nearest (Comtech) CT-Filiale in Kiel where I studied) Some might 
have been because of Deutsche Post, and some because of Yakumo, anywhay 
thats not important.  I just want to make sure this doesn't happen again, 
and I'm looking forward to hearing from You. 

Please feel free to advice me of how this can be done.

Attachments: Links to scanned immage of  Rechnung,  (Because of large 
File 3-4MB, i chose not to attach it) ("Address removed") Best 

("Address removed")

Date of purchase: Rosenheim 09.08.2002. 

Date: 2004-02-27 (Yakumo support formular)

("removed" my email and cell phone number)

The keyboard is not working, that means the computer starts but none of 
the keys work.

The computer even gives a sound, saying something is wrong. When I 
disconnected the keyboard and used an external one everything worked as 
it should.

I guess the easiest way of handling this is if you could send me a new 
keyboard and I return the defective one. (Please contact me by email or 
find my address in the attached file.

Please read the attached text-dokument for more information. And also the 
link to the PDF-file proving the date of purchase. 

Some practical information: 1 Proof of  evidence: Comtec Rosenheim 
09.08.2002. Vorgangsnummer (8121145904)

2 Serial number for the laptop: ("removed")

3 Attachments: One text-file, describing the problem, and additional 

4 The link to the pdf-file ("removed") links to scanned 
image of  Rechnung,  (Large File 3.5MB)

Section 2:
How to solve/see the problem
Just start the computer with a DOS boot floppy disk then try to write 
some thing. Or trying to choose from the bootmenu with the arrow-keys.

The internal keyboard does not work, an external does. Best way of 
fixing... replacing the defective keyboard and see if it works. 

More to come later...

I might include more examples/correspondances later if I like to, but for now this is sufficient.

I'd have to search many of my email accounts if I would want to fill this page with all the correspondance



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